Our Services

At Cheval, we offer a number of services to clients to enhance a seamless learning experience.

LMS Integration

We setup and develop Learning Management Systems for institutions.

Technical Support

We provide dedicated Technical Support to our clients.


We offer training to users on how to make use of the LMS after integration.

Adapted Usage Reports

We provide periodic reports on user interaction with your lms site if requested.

Benefits of working with us

Highlighted are some of the benefits of working with us. We do our best to make sure we offer premium services to our clients.

project Completion On Time

We deliver our projects on time and as expected.

Free Training For The First Month

We offer free on-site and online training to institutions we work with on using their learning managemet system for the first month after setup.

Value For Money

We ensure our clients are satisfied with our outputs and get the very best for their money spent.

Premium support

We take care of all the technical needs of your e-Learning site so you do not have to worry about it. We also make sure to attend to our clients need as soon as possible.

We Provide Educational Technology Services